The Disintegration Loops

Nathan Ellis’ The Disintegration Loops was selected from a number of submitted scripts following a call-out to young writers aged 18-25. The play was workshopped intensively over the course of just one week by an ensemble of actors, led by renowned director Iqbal Khan.

The play follows the story of Iff, a woman dizzied and powerless, living in freefall.

When a girl sets herself on fire in broad daylight and people can’t stop watching, Iff sees a chance to make life mean something. But as disaffection becomes fanaticism, her hope turns into something more violent and destructive. The boundary between creativity and sickness begins to blur…

A work-in-progress performance of The Disintegration Loops was performed at The North Wall on 16 & 17 September 2016.


Jen Carss
Lewis Doherty
Charlotte Driessler
Matthew Durkan
Isobel Jesper Jones
Zoë Zak

Creative Team

Writer Nathan Ellis
Director Iqbal Khan
ProducerEllie Keel
Assistant Directors
Grace Joseph & Sammy Glover
Sound designer Tom Stafford

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