Secondary Schools

We believe that art and drama is a powerful tool for young people to understand the world around them, develop confidence and empathy and form friendships. We work with Secondary schools to try to achieve these aims through performances and events, work experience and in-school workshops.

Drama Workshops

We run weekly drama electives at The Swan School for years 7-9. The aims of these electives are to build pupils’ confidence in public speaking and performance, to introduce pupils to different drama skills and techniques (Freeze Frames, Improvisation, Ensemble work, Voice and projection, Movement, Character development), to embed an inclusive, focused and playful way of working.

“I’ve gained more confidence and lots of new friends from being in a group!” Rosa

“I found out how to make a character and improvise. I also became more confident.” Umar

“I have gained more confidence and being able to use the space and face the audience when speaking. I loved doing teamwork games. Thank you for doing drama with us. I really enjoyed it.” Edie

We can also run workshops for Secondary School Pupils in:

  • Devising Theatre
  • Improvisation
  • Writing and Directing
  • Verbatim Theatre
  • Practitioner based work

Contact our Participation Manager Abie Walton if you are interested in booking a workshop for your school:

Work Experience

We offer work experience placements for secondary school students twice a year. We value individual’s efforts and initiative to reach out to organisations and therefore we allocate places on a first come first serve basis.

Our work experience programme is led by our Participation Manager and is designed to give students an introduction into working within an arts venue, an understanding of the different roles and departments within the building and the opportunity for students to work on specific projects to present to The North Wall staff. For more information, contact Abie:

Inspiring People Events

Our flagship Inspiring People series is a joint venture between The North Wall and its principal sponsor, St Edward’s School. Aimed at secondary school students, this series of talks and in-conversation events features speakers who have done brilliant things with their lives, overcome adversity, and who are renowned in their field.

“We loved it! I thought that Anita was a superb speaker and the topic was really interesting – perfect to get our students to think beyond the confines of the curriculum.”

– Mrs Wells on Anita Anand, The Henry Box School

Tickets are free for schools and educational groups. Please get in touch with Abie to book tickets:

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