Song of Riots

The result of a four-year collaboration between Awake Projects and The North Wall, Song of Riots uses uses text, song, physical theatre and the poetry of William Blake to tell a coming-of-age story of two boys.

14 – 18 April 2015 // The North Wall, Oxford
28 – 31 May 2015 // Växhuset, Västerås, Sweden
3 – 4 June 2015 // Tou Scene, Stavanger, Norway
13 – 17 Oct 2015 // Battersea Arts Centre, London
24 – 25 Oct 2015 // Stockholm Fringe, Sweden

This is a story for you, my son
A song for you to learn to sing
The story of kingdoms lost then won
And here is where we must begin

Two boys. A prince from a fairy tale & the only child of a King and a Queen. A kid from the inner city & the only son of Polish immigrants. Both boys need to leave home. Both are out in the night. Both are looking to find golden opportunities. When they meet, a riot breaks out.

With woods, wildmen, the fairytale Iron Hans and the words of William Blake, Song of Riots explores how boys cross the bridge from childhood to maturity and what happens if they fail to make that journey.Who are these wild boys, running loose in our cities and on our streets? And is there a kingdom left for them to inherit?


Song of Riots


Princess - Hanna Björck
Prince - Jason Callender
Lucasz - Christopher Finnegan
Magda - Anna Krotoska
King - Oliviero Papi
Wildman - Marcin Rudy
Queen - Maria Sendow

Creative Team

Directed by Christopher Sivertsen & Lucy Maycock
Written by Lucy Maycock

Designer - Alex Berry
Music - Maria Sendow & Hanna Björk
Projection Artist - Matt Smith, VIDEOfeet
Lighting Designer - Maria Klochkova
Stage Manager - Hayley Constable
Production Assistant - Megan Brittan

Designing Song Of Riots
Song of Riots
Song of Riots
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