What We Do

The North Wall Arts Centre brings together artists and audiences from Oxford and beyond to make, share and experience art of the highest quality.

We support artists through residencies and mentorship 

We create a nurturing environment where artists can challenge themselves to grow their practice and flourish through residencies & mentorship. We encourage and support our network of ArtsLab artists to collaborate to create new projects, and offer opportunities to develop and showcase this new work.

We encourage our community to create and participate 

We put children, young people and families at the heart of our participation programme. We forge long-term partnerships with local schools and community groups, co-creating projects for all ages that bring together people from different cultural and social backgrounds, fostering new relationships and empathy through creativity.

We share inspiring performance and visual arts with our audience 

Oxford is a multi-cultural city. Over 30% of the population were born outside the UK. Our programme celebrates the cultural diversity of our city, amplifying diverse voices and offering a platform for untold stories. We actively seek out dynamic work that pushes boundaries, challenges preconceptions and sparks our audience’s curiosity.

Based on the campus of St Edward’s School, The North Wall opened in 2007, and offers a fully flexible 200-seat theatre, an art gallery and studios for dance and drama.

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