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Born in South Korea, Seeun Kim trained in Japanese traditional handicraft and precious metals at Tokyo’s Hiko-Mizuno College of Jewellery. Seeun, by then an accomplished jeweller and metal craftsman, came to the UK in 2016. Having spent time in Oxford learning English, Seeun completed an MA at the Royal College of Art. The OXFORD PROJECT is the result of her time there.

Using jewellery and metal objects, the OXFORD PROJECT seeks to examine some of the diverse social issues in today’s society, in particular, how partially-sighted people, or those who are hard of hearing communicate, and how we may gain greater respect for other forms of communication. The Braille and Sign Language Object Projects have been selected by the NHS for “Arts for Health and Well-Being” in 2020.

In the Compromise Project, Seeun has filmed her works to question the impact of technology on human beings, our ethics and the natural environment; urging society to find a compromise.

Seeun’s latest project Assemblage was made during lockdown to remind people that, despite language and cultural barriers, we are all part of the same global puzzle.

Seeun will also be exhibiting her Silla Collection – ‘Hanji’ Brooch Series: handmade stone brooches inspired by ornaments of the Silla dynasty and her Heritage Collection: 100 handmade ornaments inspired by Victorian Era jewellery.

Seeun Kim: The Oxford Project


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