The summer residency in 2018 took place from 23 July – 11 August. This year, 19 actors, 2 designers, 2 technicians and 5 producers came together to work with award-winning theatre company The Wardrobe Ensemble, a Bristol-based group of artists working together to make new plays that dissect the twenty-first century experience. Their work in playful, energetic, often irreverent and dedicated to finding the place where the intellectual and the emotional collide.

Film by project participant Charlotte Burke

The Project

Over the course of three weeks, the newly-formed ensemble worked together to create S A F A R I,  a theatrical collage about the internet, insomnia chat rooms and human connection online. The final production was a nocturnal montage of recreated viral videos and memes; with ensemble movement, absurd humour and retro, Club Tropicana nostalgia.

For the first time, we incorporated a producing strand: five emerging producers worked alongside Hannah Smith, the Wardrobe Ensemble’s producer, to manage the project, handling the PR & marketing, budgets, publishing a project zine, curating a pop-up installation in the gallery and taking over The North Wall’s social media accounts. You can read the S A F A R I Zine to find out more.

Photos © Josh Tomalin Photography


Dan Armstrong
Dara Bolaji
Roxanne Boulbin-Wallace
Dionne Brown
Corinna Buchan
Charlotte Burke
Rosa Caines
Grace Courtney
Charlotte Hobbs
Ben Kulvichit
Sophie Macarthur
Max Percy
Clara Potter-Sweet
Callan Purcell
Alex Roberts
Alex Robins
Rose Sharkey
Ellie Webster
Lilith Wozniak

Creative Team

Project Leaders
Tom Brennan & Jim Newton

Fran Cattaneo
Emily Davis
Saxon Rose
Josie Shaw
Mills Thornber

Producer Mentor
Hannah Smith

Designers Hugo Aguirre and Rhian Beavis

Design Mentor Kate Bunce

Technicians/Stage Managers Georgia Piano & Josh Smith

Technical Mentors Clive Stevenson, Rebecca Welburn & John Paul

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