Seeun Kim: The Oxford Global Agenda Project 2023

Seeun Kim is an Oxford-based South Korean metal craftswoman, visual artist and social commentator. Seeun exhibited at The North Wall in 2021 and, this year, she returns to showcase a new social art project, a new collection of jewellery and works of visual art.

Seeun’s social art projects combine jewellery with various global social issues, emerging as works of art. She uses her work to communicate her many ideas; working with courage and dreaming of a society where everyone can live with a smile. With photography and film, Seeun conveys her thinking in the most inclusive ways possible – using text, British sign language and English braille. This exhibition consists of the following social art projects that highlight pressing social issues in our global society:

  • The British Sign Language Objects – The Endemic & Diversity Agenda Projects
  • The English Braille Philosophy Object – The Together Agenda Project
  • The Coexistence With Nature – The Climate Change Agenda Project

Visitors can also see Seeun’s 100 handmade brooches project: <The Oxford Collection 100> for the first time. Seeun loves making things and believes in their value. Since 2012, she has made over 1000 metal works to refine her sophisticated handicraft skills. There have been successes and failures. Seeun says: “Failure is worthwhile progress and profoundly important. During this time I learnt incredibly worthwhile things that will greatly improve my future practice.” Her work ethic is inspired by Sir Jonathan Ive when he says. “There is no learning without trying lots of ideas and failing lots of times.” Seeun’s The Oxford Collection 100 Project is the successful result of collaboration across her practices, endeavours and failures over the last 10 years.

A number of Seeun’s works have been exhibited in the UK and internationally. Works have been acquired by Durham University’s Oriental Museum and The National Museum of Scotland as well as the Iksan National Jewellery Museum, Korea National University Museum of Cultural Heritage, Byeokbong Korea Jewellery Museum and World Jewellery Museum Seoul (all in South Korea) as part of their permanent collections.

Seeun’s numerous social art projects have been shown by the NHS (2020 – Present) and at the Westminster Reference Library. She has also collaborated in Oxford with Fusion Arts and Modern Art Oxford.

This exhibition is part of Oxford International Women’s Festival

Watch: The Sign Language Object – The Endemic Agenda Project
Listen: #NWConnect: Podcast: 2021 Interview with artist Seeun Kim




Seeun will be donating the proceeds of the sales of her seven paintings embedded with natural gemstones to MyVision Oxfordshire. MyVision supports the 24,000 people living in the county with a visual impairment. If you would like to donate, please click here:

Seeun Kim: The Oxford Global Agenda Project 2023


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