Photography and Sound Art Workshop

The North Wall is hosting a morning’s workshop for young people age 14+ who would like to engage with the work of James Elliott and Catherine Ross. James and Catherine are exhibiting in the gallery during the Easter holidays – find more information here.

James Elliott, a photographer and lecturer, will spend the first 15 minutes taking you around his works in the exhibition. You will then spend some time exploring the following question:

What is photography? Photography has a relatively short history. During that roughly 180 years it has meant different things. This workshop will discuss and explore what photography might have meant in the past, what it might mean now, and potentially imagine what it might mean moving forward. James will use highly manipulated digital images and videos to explore this topic further.

Catherine Ross, an artist, researcher and teacher will then take the group to Cherwell School underpass (a 15 minute walk from The North Wall, accompanied by two members of North Wall staff) where they will experience a sound walk. This will be an interactive, immersive, location-based activity in which participants will download an audio file onto their mobiles and listen on their headphones to a sound walk as they move through the space. The workshop concludes in the gallery with a follow-up discussion about Catherine’s works.

Photography and Sound Art Workshop

3 April 2024 - 10:00 am

Free, spaces limited

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