Liz Gascoigne: Becoming

Liz Gascoigne is an abstract expressionist painter who creates dynamic and complex artwork which is an expression of her life and innermost feelings. Liz doesn’t wait to be inspired by something external, instead she starts her paintings without an intention and throws herself into the creative process. Her entry point is rapid mark making, followed by layers of large expressive and colourful paint strokes to form the underpainting.

Liz then embarks upon a creative editing process, adding and subtracting elements of the artwork, allowing the direction of the painting to unfold until the painting reveals the way forward. She moves between several paintings in a series which allows the paintings to interact and builds synergy. Painting in this way allows Liz to imagine what is possible, she says that she is using her paintings as stepping stones in the journey of becoming herself.  

Liz came to painting after a career in international development which included living and working in Africa and the Middle East. She did an Art and Design foundation course at Abingdon College and took a Continuing Art Practice course at OVADA Oxford. 

During lockdown Liz embarked on a global online Art2Life course which was pivotal in giving her the impetus to simply let go and see where this takes her. Currently Liz combines being a family carer while progressing her passion to become an authentic artist.  She recognises there is symbiotic relationship between art-making and life-building which fuel one another.  Liz regards the Becoming art exhibition as an exciting step in her ongoing art journey and says the sub-title should be If Not Now, When? 

Special Sunday Opening

Sunday 29 October 2023 12-4pm
Meet the Artists 2-3pm and at other times by arrangement

Click the icon to read about the exhibition in the Oxford Times (19 October 2023)

Liz Gascoigne: Becoming


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Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 10am – 4pm, Sat: 12pm – 4pm
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