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Liberation Squares

Written by Sonali Bhattacharyya

Three teenage girls forge an unlikely friendship as they navigate the world of social media influencer activism and its real-life consequences.

Three teenage girls forge an unlikely friendship. They challenge each other with Tik Toks, beat-boxing, rap and dance routines… They just want to build their social media empire, or study astronomy, or become as good a rapper as Megan Thee Stallion. But they undergo a political awakening when they realise that what you say – even what you think – is viewed very differently depending on who you are.

When they find themselves the target of the state surveillance ‘Prevent’ programme, they have to fight back. Friendships fracture and loyalties are tested as they pursue different avenues of resistance. In an era when dissent is being criminalised, what does it take to speak up?

This is a riotous, funny play told through the technicolour lens of three teenage girls. Inspired by graphic novels, hip hop, pop culture and real-world activists, Liberation Squares asks what it takes for young Muslim women today to be the heroes of their own stories.

Age guidance: 14+

Contains references to racism, Islamophobia, and racist and colonial violence.

Production photos by Ali Wright

X:  @aliwrightphoto

Instagram:  @aliwright_photographs


Praise for the company

Hits on something worryingly prescient...It’s a pressing topic, compellingly explored.

The Stage

Despite the constant laughs throughout the play and the young atmosphere, the story promotes sisterhood and freedom of speech and spreads the importance of caring and knowing about others.

Newark Advertiser

Despite this being a difficult and serious topic, this is not a lecture – this is an out-and-out comedy, albeit with strong political undertones.

Elemental Theatre

Liberation Squares comes with huge potential to thrive once it’s developed further. This is definitely one to watch out for!

Theatre and Tonic

Liberation Squares

30 April 2024 - 8:00 pm

Standard: £16
Pay More: £20
Pay Less: £12

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