Daniel James Homewood: To Speak of Solitude

To Speak of Solitude interrogates identity through a rich visual duality. Individual discovery is set in contrast with an ethnic group experiencing the erasure of their entire cultural identity throughout this multi-layered exhibition merging image and ephemera from two bodies of Daniel’s work: Voices and Panopticon.

Voices seeks to reconcile Daniel’s difficult formative years by exploring the ways teenagers and young adults often use interests, activities and the perception of their peers to form their own identity. Voices suggests such topics as depression, love, suicide, isolation, domestic abuse, and the recognition of one’s own mortality; struggles central to Daniel’s development into young adulthood.

The Panopticon is a system of control designed by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham in the 1700’s. It places a watchtower at the centre of a circular prison allowing prisoners to be observed simultaneously by a single guard. Crucially, the guard remains unseen, thus creating a sense of collective permanent observation, forcing behavioural change. Panopticon addresses the overt use of digital surveillance, censorship and oppression across the Occupied Palestinian Territories, a region with deep personal ties for Daniel through his relationship with his grandfather

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Exhibition Opening

Wed 26 Jul 2023 6-8pm
Please join us to welcome in this new exhibition.
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Film Screening – Walled Off, a film by Vin Arfuso

Thu 3 Aug 2023 7-8.30pm

A secret museum in an art hotel sparks intrigue when it’s revealed to be a creation of controversial artist, Banksy. Using art as a form of political resistance, the hotel highlights the reality of life under Israeli military occupation. The film journeys through the hotel, Palestine, and a relevant past to dismantle the mainstream media’s bias towards the Palestinian struggle for freedom and equality.
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Daniel James Homewood: To Speak of Solitude


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