Collateral effects of the pandemic: meet the researchers

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The Covid pandemic has affected everyone and everything in different ways. For some researchers in Oxford and beyond, the effects may surprise you. Meet researchers Dr Nicole Stoesser and Professor Daniel Wilson whose work around infectious diseases, climate change and more has inspired Anna Dumitriu’s exhibition Collateral Effects. Chat to them about how they have navigated the pandemic and the unexpected impacts it has had on their research – you may view the exhibition differently as a result. 

About the Researchers

Nicole Stoesser is a doctor and researcher in infectious diseases and microbiology working at the John Radcliffe Hospital and University of Oxford. Her research interests include developing new tests to diagnose infections, understanding how germs that cause disease and antibiotic resistance spread, and working out the best treatment strategies for common infections.

Daniel Wilson is Professor of Infectious Disease Genomics at the University of Oxford, Robertson Fellowship at the Big Data Institute, and Director of Studies in Data Science at the Department for Continuing Education. His research interests are in the genetic risk of infectious disease and the evolution of pathogen populations.

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Collateral effects of the pandemic: meet the researchers

15 October 2022 - 2:00 pm

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