Catherine Ross and James Elliott: Liminal Light Temporal Space

Liminal Light Temporal Space unites artists Catherine Ross and James Elliott in presenting an innovative, interactive investigation into the landscapes around them through a contemporary lens using sound and vision.

The core of Catherine’s research is a multi-sensory exploration into liminality. Liminality comes from the Latin, ‘limin’ meaning ‘threshold.’ Characteristics of liminality include indeterminacy, dissolution, and redefinition. Catherine is using concepts, materials, methods, subjects, and outcomes incorporating digital photography, social media, and sound to invoke a liminal state. Her work focuses on liminal loci (bridges, car parks, flyovers, passageways, paths, piers, sea defence systems, tunnels, and underpasses) at liminal times (dawn, noon, and dusk) with the aim of creating transformative understanding.

The working title for James’ artistic research is Temporal Place(s): Digital Representations of the Landscape and is based around an investigation of whether the representation of temporality might lead to a portrayal of the landscape which reflects our contemporary relationship with the land we inhabit and move through.

To enjoy the interactive sound works in the show a mobile phone and headphones are a must. 

Special Event

Mon 8 April 2024 5.30-9pm

Join PhD candidates James Elliott and Catherine Ross as they engage in a thought-provoking conversation with Professor Ray Lee from the School of Arts, Oxford Brookes University. Together, they will explore the exhibition’s key themes of temporality, the landscape, and liminality.

After the insightful discussion, indulge in a delightful drinks reception, making it an evening of intellectual stimulation and artistic exploration.

Free event / no booking required

Catherine Ross and James Elliott: Liminal Light Temporal Space


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