Alison Kahn: Children of the Digital Revolution

A Multidimensional Odyssey

It’s 2024, and it has now been just over 19 years since the first video was uploaded onto YouTube in April 23, 2005. Embarking on an immersive journey through the exhibition, Children of the Digital Revolution: A Multidimensional Odyssey, invites visitors to witness a coming-of-age of perception since the dawn of YouTube. The gallery unfolds as a narrative tapestry, intertwining object displays, interactive analogue installations, and audio-visual media. This curated experience mirrors the collective metamorphosis of society, a shared voyage of growing up and becoming digital.

The exhibition serves as a mirror reflecting personal histories, challenging the acts of seeing through fragmented moments of documented lives. From clunky cameras to the sleek mobile phone screens of today, the displays trace the contours of a digital modernism that has woven itself into the fabric of our lives. Through interactive exhibits, visitors engage with relics of the past, creating a dialogue between analogue nostalgia and the relentless march of progress. A selection of the artist’s work mapping time and space in different media, prompts contemplation on our shared journey, inviting introspection into the intersections of personal narratives and technological evolution.

About the Artist

Dr Alison Kahn is an artist and Teaching Fellow on Stanford University’s Oxford undergraduate program where she lectures on museum anthropology and digital technologies. She is currently a Visiting Research Fellow in AI and Design Anthropology at Loughborough University.  

Alison has pioneered digitising film archives in ethnographic museums and is an award-winning filmmaker. She uses collaborative and participatory ethnographic approaches in her fieldwork. Her most recent documentary, We, the Zeme (2022), celebrated the first Zeme Naga Olympics in Nagaland and confronted the trauma of separated communities and her current research, Digital Children- Who are they? investigates how children engage with multimedia activities, including: filmmaking, music, and online learning platforms.

Exhibition Opening

Wednesday 29 May 6 – 8pm

Please join us to welcome in this new exhibition.
Free event / no booking required

In Conversation: Dr Alison Kahn and Professor Gary Burnett

Immersive Technologies and AI: Disrupters or Enablers in the Museum Space? 

Tuesday 4 June 12.15 – 1.15pm

Dr Alison Kahn will be in conversation with Professor Gary Burnett. Professor Burnett is the Professor of Digital Creativity at Loughborough University. They will discuss the pros and cons of VR, AR, Holograms and AI in the museum, and screen some examples of Gary’s work.

Free event / no booking required

Alison Kahn: Children of the Digital Revolution


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