20 Duets: Collaboration & Improvisation

An evening of art and jazz

Join Peter Lawrence and Paul Dunmall for an evening celebrating their project, 20 Duets: Collaboration & Improvisation.

20 Duets is a collection of wood engravings resulting from a unique collaboration. Working in turn on the same blocks, these images were created in the spirit of Paul Dunmall’s free jazz performances – improvised engraving with no pre-discussion, planning or drawing on the block. Each block was begun by one engraver and then passed to the other to complete.

There are a total of 40 images, including 20 engravings, each 5 × 4 inches, printed from the original blocks by Paul L Kershaw. Each verso page folds out to reveal the 20 ‘handover’ images for each engraving plus a quotation on the theme of improvisation.

The evening will start in the gallery with a talk about jazz and wood engraving, followed by a concert by the Paul Dunmall Quartet in the theatre.

20 Duets: Collaboration & Improvisation

29 March 2023 - 6:45 pm


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