Wait Til The End

North Wall Associate Company The PappyShow ran this summer residency from 22 July – 10 August 2019 for 26 young theatre-makers.

Led by Kane Husbands, the ensemble spent three weeks sharing ideas and developing material for ThePappyShow’s next project, culminating in a work-in-progress sharing of Wait Til the End, which will premiere at New Diorama Theatre in July 2020.

One of the only certainties in life is that we’re going to die. Why then, do we shy away from talking about it? Why can’t we talk about our relationship to death in the same way we talk about our dreams and aspirations?

Through joyful and tender physical work, The PappyShow explores if we can find life in death. How do we celebrate the end of our stories?

Photos © Josh Tomalin Photography


Jana Aizupe
Hannah Ankrah
Tomas Azocar-Nevin
Charlotte Burke
Yaamin Chowdhury
Jack D'Arcy
Simran Hunjun
Quennie Alexa Lim
Victor Masha
Erin McCullagh
Caroline O'Mahoney
Adan Osborne
Ewan Pollitt
Brontë Sandwell-Moore
Racheal Shobande
Michael Sookhan
Kamran Vahabi
Molly Walker
Katie Friedli Walton
Rosalind Watt
Lynsey Michelle Wells
Matt Wilkinson

Creative Team

Aaron Gordon
Sam Hardie
Rachel Hosker
Kane Husbands
Kwami Odoom
Eddie Joe Robinson

Young Designers
Anya Tunjic
Emma Jayne Smith

Ali Shahed Taie

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