The summer residency in 2013 ran from Monday 22 July – Saturday 10 August. This year, in accordance with themes being explored as part of the long-term collaboration process between the North Wall and Awake Projects, the young company focused on a physical and textual exploration of riot and recession, with the main presentation consisting of a work-in-progress sharing of Tom Wainwright’s new play Altogether Now.

This piece, begun during last year’s Outreach Project (Crash! 2012), has now entered its second phase of development, co-directed once again by Lucy Maycock and Christopher Sivertsen in the third year of the North Wall / Awake Projects collaboration. The final performance also included rehearsed readings of plays written by the two young writers taking part in this year’s project: Having a Ball by Robert Holtom and The Lotus Eaters by Emma Kelley.


Archie Backhouse
Johan Bark
Jen Carss
Jack Condon
Eleanor Crosswell
Pascale Morrison Derbyshire
Samuel Dunstan
Christopher Finnegan
Lizzie Frain
Charis Jardim
Katie Lambert
Nicholas Mahoney
Jay Ian Mailer
Alex Marlow
Tamsin Newlands
Urbain Ngendahayo
Conor Robinson
Laura Ryder
Thomas Simper
Tom Swale

Creative Team

Directed by
Lucy Maycock and Christopher Sivertsen
Directors’ Assistants:
Matthew Milner
Christopher Finnegan

Designed by Ruth Hall
Young Design Team:
Mai Hubschmann
Natalie Jackson
Maria Klochkova

Young Writers:
Robert Holtom
Emma Kelley

Young Technicians:
Chelsey Gillard
Jack Gillard

Musical Director: Sylvia Hallett
Young Musician: Christopher Williams

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