“The real question for us is, What are we going to do with his faith? What are we brave enough to do?”

Congregation is a new play by emerging writer Tom Brennan exploring faith, action, and the contradictions of trying to do good. When the founder of a Christian summer camp for underprivileged youths suddenly dies, it’s left to the Team leaders to pick up the pieces. With steadfast belief and uncompromising vision, a fierce young woman sets the group on a radical path. Will the community reach salvation or crumble under the pressure?

Set over three summers, Congregation is a contemporary fable of friendship and fanaticism, that questions if we can ever fix the world.

Congregation was the first of two ArtsLab projects held during summer 2016. It was performed by an ensemble of young actors and directed by Lucy Maycock & John Hoggarth.


Rosemary Akinola
Sarah Bryce
Maxwell Chartey
Jason Imlach
Tom Isted
Gearoid Kavanagh
Muhammad Khan
Lauren Lyle
Farran Mitchell
Alice Vilanculo
Douglas Wood
Charlotte Wyatt

Creative Team

Written by Tom Brennan

Directed by John Hoggarth & Lucy Maycock

Movement Director Kane Husbands

Technical Rebecca Welburn & Jonathan Keeley

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