Catalyst 2023

The North Wall’s ArtsLab Catalyst residency is central to the venue’s commitment to new writing, and brings two vital roles centre stage, offering six talented writers and three directors two weeks of immersive creativity and the chance to focus solely on honing their craft.  

Catalyst 2023 took place from Monday 27 March – Friday 7 April 2023. Writers were mentored by Tom Brennan, Karim Khan and Sam Potter and directors by Ria Parry and John Hoggarth.

Catalyst Showcase | Fri 7 April 2023

In Defence of Adventurous Mothers
by Simon Marshall, directed by Dale Edwards

by Sarah Isaac, directed by Olivia Munk

by Sam Parker, directed by Olivia Munk

Sexiest Woman in the World
by Jenny Wall, directed by Taiwo Ava Oyebola

by Roann Hassani McCloskey, directed by Taiwo Ava Oyebola

rite to party
by Yasmine Dankwah, directed by Dale Edwards

Download the Catalyst 2023 Programme

Photography © Geraint Lewis


“The experience has been really formative for me – from learning more about what directions to take my writing in to maximise the drama and potential, through to finding new writing peers, mentors and friends. The North Wall have this programme down so right, and I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.”
– Simon Marshall, Catalyst Writer

“Catalyst also marks the first time I’ve directed something independently and I have felt confident to take that leap, hugely because of the generosity of the team here at The North Wall, as well as everyone who has taken part in the programme.”
– Taiwo Ava Oyebola, Catalyst Director

With thanks St Edward’s School for their generous support.

Catalyst Ensemble

Aaron Gordon
Rori Hawthorn
Tife Kusoro
Alec Nicholls
Andy Owens
Maya Pillay
Robyn Sinclair

Catalyst Writers
Yasmine Dankwah
Sarah Isaac
Simon Marshall
Roann Hassani McCloskey
Sam Parker
Jenny Wall

Catalyst Directors
Dale Edwards
Olivia Munk
Taiwo Ava Oyebola

Project Team

Writing Mentors
Tom Brennan
Karim Khan
Sam Potter

Directing Mentors
John Hoggarth
Ria Parry

Programme Leads
John Hoggarth
Ria Parry
Amelia Thornber

ArtsLab Company Manager Alex Lonsdale
Technical Manager Clive Stevenson
Lighting Design James Bailey
Sound Design Tom Brennan, John Hoggarth
Production Assistant Arthur Kemp

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