Claire Parry

Claire Parry is an interdisciplinary theatre-maker/writer/performer/director/musician.

She trained in physical theatre at Jacques Lecoq. She has a particular penchant for clowning; accordingly she has two solo clown shows, Intolerable Side Effects and Boorish Trumpson, which will be going to Prague Fringe in October and Edinburgh Fringe 2021.

Claire is also working on an ensemble physical theatre piece called Cache Cache with Lecoq-trained company HOKA, which has a residency in Normandy in November and will be showing at Theatre 13 in Paris in March 2021. She also regularly directs for the outdoor multi-rolling, multi-instrumental Shakespeare company, Three Inch Fools.

Claire says: “I am (unsurprisingly) a huge fan of multidisciplinary work that has a strong physical element. When I write my hit clowning musical (which is a very real plan) you will probably notice I am also quite inspired by Stephen Sondheim.”


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