March 2023: Work Experience Diary

This month, we welcomed Theo from Oxford Spires for a week of work experience – here’s what he got up to behind the scenes:

My week of work experience at the North Wall was amazing, the whole team here were lovely and the projects I was working on were fun.

On Monday, I was toured around the centre and met all the staff (who are great). Abie then explained my project work – designing a light show, writing a drama workshop and creating a soundtrack for a play (after I told Abie I was into music).

Tuesday was mainly work in the office, but I went to an ops meeting and the day ended with me helping Abie with a drama club at the Swan School, which was very interesting, noisy children aside.

Wednesday was very different because there was an interview with Jeanette Winterson happening later, so my day started at 2pm, returning to a (thankfully) different group of students at the Swan. Wednesday was also my birthday, and Abie very kindly bought cupcakes to eat before the show started. I helped to get people into the theatre and then got to watch the interview as a bonus.

Thursday was similar to Tuesday in that it was more project work, but it started with me observing a ROAR meeting at the Pegasus theatre where I saw some of my friends who were doing work experience there, which was cool.

Friday SHOULD have started with me helping Abie oversee a tap-dancing workshop at Cutteslowe park, but the snow and overall bad weather meant that the dancers couldn’t make it. We handed out free tickets to the Tap-Dancing Mermaid, a show that was on on the Sunday and went back to the office. I finished up project work and then showed it to Abie.

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t think that I would like work experience as much as I did. The staff were very welcoming, and it was incredibly fun the whole time.

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