#NWConnect: Wilderness Bewilderness – Matters Arising

Imogen Rigden conceived her Wilderness Bewilderness exhibition (Tue 03 – Sat 21 May 2022) during the early days of the pandemic.

“The lockdown in 2020 brought clean air and bird song,” says Imogen. “We noticed our natural world with renewed clarity, and with a deeper understanding of its essential role in human well-being.  We saw the clearest blue skies in living memory, heard silence and contemplated our relationship with the environment.” The resulting paintings, drawings and three-dimensional works were made during this unique period of clarity.

To accompany the exhibition, Imogen and the artist and environmentalist Richard Sharland conducted a live webinar in which they discussed how these pieces of work came about, and shared their own discoveries and concerns about the natural world as our human existence returns to normal.

Watch the recording here:

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