The Guest

Work In Progress

Ben went on a journey to the land of the dead. On his way he passed a deep, endless chasm encircled by dark jutting crags. He spied an ice-cream van on a big hill that served dust in a cone, and accidentally walked into a room where a million ghosts were playing bridge. He had a cool time. However, he found there were a few problems getting home.

Ben (Emergency Chorus, Celebration) and Jack (Poltergeist, Lights Over Tesco Car Park) make plays. People keep telling them their plays are fun for the whole family. That’s why they’re making a show together. That’s why they’re going to invite 7 – 12 year olds.

At the minute, they’re learning how to make it.

It’s all about dying.

They’re heading to the land of the dead. Wanna come with?

The Guest

13 April 2019 - 12:30 pm

Adults: £5
Children: Free
Included with Alchymy Passes

Extra information

This event will take place in the dance studio. Seating is unreserved.

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