The Big Thinc: Photographs by Howard Stanbury

Howard Stanbury’s photographs of FarmAbility co-farmers will be on display at the North Wall Arts Centre from 30 October – 5 November.

Entitled The BIG THINC, the exhibition encourages the North Oxford community to think about inclusivity, especially in the workplace.

Adults with learning disabilities and/or autism are shown engaging in meaningful occupation, working outdoors on farms across Oxfordshire They participate in real-world occupations as performers rather than recipients, being seen and heard and making a difference.

The co-farmers are seen collecting, grading, packing and delivering eggs. They tend the organic gardens at FAI Farms in Wytham, groom the horses, learn coppicing and woodworking skills and work with the young cattle on dairy farms.

Our co-farmers have been made welcome in many businesses and community projects and their feedback encourages us to seek new opportunities for employment in all its varied guises. Will you help us THINC and make it possible?

The Big Thinc: Photographs by Howard Stanbury


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The North Wall Gallery is open from Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and from 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays. Sundays & Bank Holidays: normally closed, except for theatre events.

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