SWE Centenary Exhibition

82nd Annual Exhibition

This is a special year for the Society of Wood Engravers as they celebrate their Centenary.

It was founded in 1920 by artists including Eric Gill, Gwen Raverat, Robert Gibbings, Philip Hagreen and Lucien Pissarro. A break during the war years and then again in the 1970s meant that their annual exhibition ceased for a time, making this their 82nd show. Since their revival in 1984, they have built a reputation for excellence, attracting exhibitors and collectors from around the world.

The Society exists to promote wood engraving, but also embraces all forms of relief
printing, which makes this show a fascinating and affordable collection of images inspired by a wide range of subjects.

View The Society of Wood Engravers’ online catalogue exhibiting their Centenary (82nd Annual) collection of works.


25 March: A Brief History of Wood Engraving
1 April: Podcast with artist Peter Lawrence
8 April: Anne Desmet RA on Curating a Centenary

SWE Centenary Exhibition


Admission Free

Extra information

The North Wall Gallery is open from Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and from 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays. Sundays & Bank Holidays: normally closed, except for theatre events.

#NWConnect: A Brief History of Wood Engraving
#NWConnect: Podcast with artist Peter Lawrence
#NWConnect: Curating a Centenary
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