Panel Discussion

Rewriting the Rules: Building the Future

This panel looks to the future of theatre buildings, examining diverse visions of what theatre can achieve. What is the responsibility of theatres and theatre-makers to communities, to young people, to early-career artists? Taking as our starting point David Hare’s article A Playhouse For Today, we look at the different roles played by theatre buildings and ask: what can and should change in the future?


Tim Bano (Moderator)
Ria Parry (co-Director of the North Wall)
Maddi Kludje (Theatre Director)
Jessica Edwards (Theatre Director)
Tobi Kayeremateng (Independent Producer)
Kirstin Shirling (Theatre Maker and Producer)
Aidan Grounds
(Senior Producer, Nuffield Southampton Theatres)
David Mumeni
(Founder and Director, Open Door)

Rewriting the Rules: Building the Future


Alchymy Pass: £40

Extra information

This event will take place in the dance studio.

Priority admittance for Alchymy pass holders.

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