Panel Discussion

Rewriting the Rules: Building the Future

This panel looks to the future of theatre buildings, examining diverse visions of what theatre can achieve. What is the responsibility of theatres and theatre-makers to communities, to young people, to early-career artists? Taking as our starting point David Hare’s article A Playhouse For Today, we look at the different roles played by theatre buildings and ask: what can and should change in the future?


Tim Bano (Moderator)
Ria Parry (co-Director of the North Wall)
Maddi Kludje (Theatre Director)
Jessica Edwards (Theatre Director)
Kirstin Shirling (Theatre Maker and Producer)

Rewriting the Rules: Building the Future


Alchymy Pass: £40

Extra information

This event will take place in the dance studio.

Priority admittance for Alchymy pass holders.

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