Oxford Printmakers: First Imprints

First Imprints is a unique science/art collaboration between Oxford Printmakers and the Oxford University Museum of Natural History to coincide with a major new exhibition, First Animals, opening 12 July.

Rare fossils, around 500 million years old, have been loaned from as far away as China
and Greenland. Many of these fossils are mere impressions on the rock surface of strange, soft-bodied creatures. The task of bringing these precious creatures to life visually has fallen to twenty two enthusiastic artists from Oxford Printmakers, led by earth scientist and printmaker Sally Levell.

The exhibition aims to give an artistic expression of the amazing story of how complex life developed from just single cells.

Tuesday 16 July 11am
In Conversation: Dr Jack Matthews and Oxford Printmakers Co-operative 

Dr Jack Matthews, Museum of Natural History Research Fellow, will be in conversation with Sally Levell, Earth Scientist/Printmaker and lead Artist, Bruce Levell, Visiting Professor, Department of Earth Sciences and Catriona Brodribb of the OPC, about the exhibition and the story behind these fascinating prints. Please RSVP to Nicky Laird (lairdn@thenorthwall.com) to register your attendance at this event at the North Wall.


Oxford Printmakers: First Imprints


Admission Free

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The North Wall Gallery is open from Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and from 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays. Sundays & Bank Holidays: normally closed, except for theatre events.

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