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#NWConnect: Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain

Tim wants to be a sailor. He knows all the knots, can name every boat and sing all the sailors’ songs. But there’s one problem; he is much too young! So, one day, he accidentally-on-purpose stows away on a steam ship and meets the Brave Sea Captain. Will he earn his sea legs, chart the ocean blue and sail home to his family? For ages 2-8

About the Wardrobe Ensemble

Bristol-based Wardrobe Ensemble make energetic, anarchic theatre for adults as well as children. The company were last seen at The North Wall with The Star Seekers and The Deep Sea Seekers.

If you enjoyed the show, and would like to consider making a donation to support the company, visit Wardrobe Ensemble’s website. You can also buy original cast recordings of The Star Seekers and The Deep Sea Seekers on CD for £10 incl. postage (£15 for two). Email them on thewardrobensemble@gmail.com to place an order.

The Seekers Podcast

Check out this a brand new audio adventure featuring the characters from The Seekers shows – in episode one, Alph, Betty and Gammo take a trip to Venus. Listen here from the comfort of your own living room.

#NWConnect: Family Fridays

Watch the show and get creative with this activity pack:

Download Little Tim Activity Pack

#NWConnect: Little Tim and the Brave Sea Captain


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