Alchymy Micro-Commission

North Hessary

by Alex Robins and Daryl Jones

June, 2008. You are called out to North Hessary Tor Transmitting Station to resume broadcasting following a blackout. The radio waves are clear and the sky is full of fire.

A short interactive experience about isolation, fear and the last vestiges of analogue in a world turning digital. There are two endings available, one of which requires a deeper investigation of the station.

North Hessary will be available to experience from 10 May – until then, read Alex Robins’ blog post on research conducted in the development of the show, Finding the Fear Frequency.

About the Artists

Programming: Daryl Jones @AruthaGhost

Daryl Jones is an Associate Lecturer for Games Design and Programming at City College Plymouth and a member of the Kapslock Gaming fundraising group. He focuses on exploring player agency and encouraging creativity through group storytelling.

Writing: Alex Robins @NotAlexRobins

Alex Robins is a Plymouth based Writer who took part in The North Wall’s ArtsLab Summer Residency in 2018. He was a founding member of the Narwhal Ensemble (Whey Down South, 2021: A Cornish Space Odyssey) and is currently writing a new show for the Theatre Royal Plymouth’s ‘Eggbox’ playwright development programme.

North Hessary


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