Nomadic Souls

Written by Marika McKennell Starring Jason Barnett and Jasmin Hinds

Right now I’m your home. Home is a weird thing isn’t it?

Florencia has never fully investigated her heritage. At least, not until she finds out she’s pregnant. Then she asks her father for answers – and when even he can’t give them to her, she’s driven to connect with more of her relatives.

A brand-new audio drama, commissioned by The North Wall for Alchymy 2021

Creative Team

Writer: Marika Mckennell
Director: Munotida Chinyanga
Sound Design and Music: Tom Foskett-Barnes
Assistant Director: Amelia Thornber
Cast: Jason Barnett and Jasmin Hinds
Additional voices: Clare Beck, Laura Keefe & Sabrina Richmond
Producer: Ellie Keel

Nomadic Souls


Free & unticketed

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