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Making Tracks 2021 Tour

Since 2010, Making Tracks has brought world-class and diverse music from all corners of the globe to a network of leading venues throughout the UK.

Re-launched in 2019 – including a memorable opening concert at The North Wall – their ambitious new model brings together exceptional young artists from the UK and around the world to showcase unique musical traditions, initiate new collaborations and contribute towards a global community of environmentally-engaged musicians.

Following a successful Digital Edition in 2020, this year Making Tracks returns with a live concert which promises to feature an incredible line-up of eight musicians, performing both solo and collaboratively.

‘One of the most exciting purveyors of international music in the UK.’ Songlines Magazine

Making Tracks 2021 Fellows:

Iona Fyfe (Scotland, UK): vocals, piano; Simon Leleux (Belgium): doholla, darbuka, frame drums; Azin Zahedi (Iran / Germany): flute, santour; Robert Bisha (Albania / Italy): piano, çifteli, accordion, guitar, tupan, lahute; Thamires Tannous (Brazil / Austria): vocals, guitar; Liz Hanks (UK): cello; Ahmet Ozan Baysal (Turkey / UK): bağlama; and Brigitte Hart (Australia / UK): sound art, voice, soundscapes, text.

Making Tracks 2021 Tour

5 November 2021 - 7:30 pm

Full Price: £16
Concessions: £14

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