Kevin Line: A Darker Shade

Cotswold-based portrait painter Kevin Line’s charcoal, grisaille paintings have brought him national renown. He exhibits extensively in major open exhibitions, has received a number of national awards and is a member of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists.

He is a realist with particularly fine observational skills. Working in monochrome, he strips all sentiment from his paintings. he has the rare ability to convey, not just a likeness of the subject, but also a real sense of being in the presence of flesh and blood. His sitters live.

His genre paintings are portrait driven, but focus more on emotion expressed through body language, the inner stillness needed in the act of creation and control of the physical process, and introduce elements of narrative. Working with just charcoal pencils, dust and his fingers, he produces remarkable images.

Exhibition Opening

15 January 6pm – 8pm

Special Event

Coffee and Conversation // Monday 20th January 11am

Join Kevin Line for a talk about his work as a portrait artist and his technique. Please RSVP to book your place at this special event by emailing Nicky Laird, Gallery Manager, on

Kevin Line: A Darker Shade


Admission Free

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The North Wall Gallery is open from Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and from 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays. Sundays & Bank Holidays: normally closed, except for theatre events.

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