Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour 2018

After the success of their 2017 UK Tour the award-winning Kendal Mountain Festival is delighted to announce its UK Tour for 2018.

Kendal Mountain Festival is coming to Oxford on Wednesday 14th March with an evening packed full of our award-winning films, first-hand accounts from captivating explorers and a chance to win a weekend get-away to the Kendal Mountain Festival in November.

Book your place and join us for a one-of-a-kind evening celebrating exploration of some of the wildest places on earth.

For our Oxford tour date we have two incredible speakers lined up:

Anna McNuff, one of the Guardian’s top explorers and author of ‘Pants of Perspective’, left her corporate job to dart around the world on the hunt for new and exciting challenges – from running 1,911 miles along New Zealand’s Te Araroa trail to spending 25 consecutive weeks sleeping wild on hilltops around London.

Olly Hicks is a record-breaking ocean rower who has spent 2.5% of his life alone at sea in a rowing boat!

As well as hearing from Anna and Olly, we’ll also be showing a selection of our favourite films from Kendal Mountain Festival 2017 – from flying above the Azores to freediving with Orcas, from skateboarding across Colarado to swimming in the wild ocean – you’ll be taken on a journey you’ll never forget!

Kendal Mountain Festival UK Tour 2018

14 March 2018 - 7:00 pm

Full Price: £15 + fee*
Under 25: £10 + fee*

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*A transaction fee of £2 per booking will be applied to customers booking tickets online (capped at £1 for a single ticket)

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