Jessica Copping: Cataclysms

Framed within the context of the proposed current epoch of geological time, the Anthropocene, Cataclysms studies humanity’s long-term impact on the strata record through our powerful influence on the environments, climate and ecology of the planet. By exploring the effects of a series of epoch-spanning cataclysmic events, both real and imagined, the artist seeks to examine humanity’s destructive alterations to the biosphere as well as the possibilities for positive change, in order to question how long our species will live in respect to deep time.

Jessica Copping is a Glasgow based artist who creates installations of paintings constructed from layers of oil, egg tempera and graphite which are partially eroded through sanding and engraving. Her process is a combination of spontaneous mark-making and considered detail where bursts of detail, colour and abstract forms emerge from the distant past and reach into faraway future capturing the complexities of time, nature and culture in the Anthropocene age.

Jessica Copping: Cataclysms


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