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HAUNT 2019: Ghost Night

Poltergeist Theatre present their first ever Ghost Night, a free scratch night where some of Oxford’s emerging artists test out the riskiest segments from their new shows in front of a live audience. Come along for a curated look at the most exciting talent headed from Oxford to the Edinburgh Fringe.

The night’s line-up features…

I Swear I Saw This present
Sylvia has made a career interviewing the great and the good. The time has come for her own valedictory interview, but there’s really only one person who’s up to the job. Tonight will be the first and final take.

Livi Dunlop presents
Livi is angry. They’ve been angry for a while. Their world has shrunk down to the size of a mousehole, and they need a hand to pull them out. But who is a friend? CW: discussion of sexual assault, transphobia

mealspiel present
mealspiel are working on ‘computer says no’: a new play about a porn, imitations of reality, and tragedy.

Clumsy Bodies present
Trying to reimagine masculinity for trans and non-binary people, Jess & Oli venture into Tinder and Grindr to interview men about their relationships to masculinity. They report back from the frontlines of these swiped-right dates.

HAUNT 2019: Ghost Night

20 July 2019 - 6:00 pm

Admission Free

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Seating for this performance is unreserved

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