The Flute & The Bowl: Diffracting Matters





“In this world, we cannot remain impartial observers – our very observation entangles us within its unravelling.” 

The Flute & the Bowl, Oxford University’s Art and Ecology Network, has brought together 14 artists from the Ruskin School of Art and 14 scientists from departments across the University, to investigate what a collaboration between Art & Science can offer on the subject of Climate Crisis.

Taking on this collaboration was no small order for practitioners working in fundamentally different fields, ranging from quantum physics to sculpture, from material science to video art. But faced with the vastly intersectional, global-scale threat of climate catastrophe, no one field could claim to hold all the solutions, and from this understanding, our collaboration arose. A diffraction strategy allowed us to share our ideas across disciplines without silencing, watching their frequencies collide, coincide, align, interfere and amplify, as new patterns of thought emerged.

This exhibition will be the first showcase of this collaborative work, exploring possible futures that require interdisciplinary solutions.

Possible Futures / Sarah Sands-Phillips and Joshua Deru

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Join us for the following free events to accompany this exhibition:

Sat 13 April 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Professor Peter Davidson on John Ruskin & Ecology

Mon 15 April 4pm – 5pm
Filippo Fabbri on Ecology & Sound Art

Places limited – email Nicky Laird on to book.

The Flute & The Bowl: Diffracting Matters


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