Micro Commission


by Maxwell Chartey

This visual piece represents the power chimes in the cranium of the youth, exploring the complexity of the modern day black boy. The piece touches on the endless hurdles, and barriers these individual face. Uncovering truth and systemic wounds obtained by people who look just like them.

About the Artists

Villain is a multi fusion creative company which specializes in movement and film. They are a movement company that creates original material, telling stories through art and expression and providing the audience with a life experience. 

Instagram: @_maxy / @villainsuk



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All events at this year’s Alchymy Festival are offered for free / Pay-What-You-Feel basis. If you’ve enjoyed any of the work created for this year’s festival, and would like to support The North Wall Trust in the continuation of its work with early-career artists, you can make a donation.

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