Diana Forster: Such A Long Journey

In 1940, at the beginning of the Second World War, Stalin’s troops invaded eastern Poland. A million Polish people were forced from their homes at gunpoint and sent to labour camps in Siberia. Diana Forster‘s mother and grandparents were among them.

Diana avoids showing traumatic, disturbing images in her installations and prints as they can turn viewers away. If we accept a role for art in presenting subsequent generations with the realities of war, we have to find new ways of engaging audiences and Diana does this through formal qualities which draw the viewers’ attention while the work is gradually understood.

Originally presented as part of Oxford International Women’s Festival (OIWF) 2021: Women Creating Landscapes (Feb-Mar 2021).

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Oxford Open Doors
Sat 11 Sep 2021

As part of Oxford Open Doors 2021, meet artist Diana Forster and take a tour of selected pieces from the exhibition; Sat 11 Sep from 2pm – 2.30pm and 3pm – 3.30pm. Free entry but booking required. Book Now.

Oxford Open Doors 2021 is a weekend (Sat 11 and Sun 12 Sep) which celebrates Oxford’s heritage and culture by giving people the chance to visit the city’s varied and hidden spaces.

Programme announced on Mon 23 Aug. Event bookings open at 12pm (noon) on Wed 01 Sep.




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Diana Forster: Such A Long Journey


Free Entry

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#NWConnect: What is Conflict Art?
#NWConnect: Diana Forster & Dr. Katherine Lebow in Conversation
#NWConnect: Interview with artist Diana Forster
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