Charlie Charlie

Written by Sam Potter Directed by Issy Snape

“You worry about him don’t you?”
“It’s just… he spends so much time on his own.”
“I think that’s pretty par for the course for game designers, isn’t it?”

Brilliant computer game designer Martin Parry is attempting to make a comeback and regain his former success with a new and highly original computer game. The only way he can broker a deal to get the game produced however, is if he agrees to include his most famous creation, Charlie Marsh, in the story but Martin is loathed to do that, knowing what a handful Charlie can be and his burgeoning relationship with Becca threatens to distract him completely.

A new play by Sam Potter about technology, loneliness and the challenges of success.

Charlie Charlie


Alchymy Pass: £40

Extra information

This event will take place in the drama studio.

For Alchymy pass holders only.

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