The PappyShow

Boy, Fly

Created with commissioning support from The North Wall as part of Alchymy 2021

Boy, Fly…

A tender dance and exploration of masculinity from four men of colour…

Boy, Fly…

The infatuating beginnings and raw bitter endings of a delicate heart

Boy, Fly…

Love him and let him love you

What we don’t say, what we don’t show, how the silence and stillness hangs

I see you

Boy, Fly…

This debut short-film by North Wall Creative Associate Company The PappyShow, directed by Artistic Director Kane Husbands, is a part of a wider exploration on difference and diversity asking ‘What do you see?’

Boy, Fly


Free & unticketed

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All events at this year’s Alchymy Festival are offered for free / Pay-What-You-Feel basis. If you’ve enjoyed any of the work created for this year’s festival, and would like to support The North Wall Trust in the continuation of its work with early-career artists, you can make a donation.

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