BEST BEFORE: Mark Thomas Comedy Product Vintage Cuts #2

Join us from the comfort of your sofa for this lockdown livestream from Mark Thomas. The Mark Thomas Comedy Product rocked the 90’s TV world. Challenging corporations, upending politicians and their failures. The show quite literally exposed corruption and stopped arms deals! Small wonder it has never been repeated on Channel 4.


The show’s producer Geoff Atkinson and Mark Thomas introduce their favourite stories and clips from the second series of the cult show. This time Mark changes the law on tax relief and inherited wealth! Reveals British Nuclear Fuel radioactive pigeons and causes a clean-up! And catches the Home Secretary hiding behind the war on drugs.

Guests will be joining Geoff and Mark, who will be launching a new cunning plan and asking the audience to join in.

How to Book

Tickets cost £5 and 20% of your ticket purchase will go to The North Wall. Booking is via an external website, Go Faster Stripe, rather than through our box office. You’ll be sent a private YouTube link to watch the livestream on the day of the performance – and if you can’t watch on the day, the show will be available to watch on replay for another week.


BEST BEFORE: Mark Thomas Comedy Product Vintage Cuts #2



Extra information

This event will take place online


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