Authentic Performance Academy

APA: The Pomegranate Seeds / Same

by Sebastian Hayes

Ceres, the Goddess of the Harvest, has a daughter, Persephone, who is kidnapped by Dis, God of the Underworld. Can Zeus, the lord of the gods, persuade Dis to let Persephone return to Earth? The compromise achieved by having Persephone divide her time between the two worlds serves as an allegory of the seasons.

Directed by Jason Farries

by Deborah Bruce

Same explores the apparent gulf between the young and old, and asks if it is as wide as it feels, or whether we are fundamentally the same inside whatever age we are. 

Directed by Olivia Jewson

APA: The Pomegranate Seeds / Same

12 July 2019 - 7:30 pm

Full Price: £16
Concessions: £8

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