Awake Projects are Back: a View from the Rehearsal Room

Our friends from Awake Projects returned last week for an exhilarating week of rehearsals for their second co-production with The North Wall. The European ensemble were back to begin work on their new show Song of Riots, which will be performed here in the autumn.

Leeds University Theatre and Performance student Emily Marshall shares her reflections from the rehearsal room:

“It’s still the early stages of the devising process so anything could be created by the time Awake Projects returns to the theatre. The ensemble’s exploration focused mainly on physically enhancing the narrative of Iron John, a fairy-tale that follows the life and struggles that a young boy faces in his transition to manhood. The group then began to explore the works of poet, painter, and engraver William Blake in relation to the fairy-tale – it was great to watch them take on the challenge of fusing these two contrasting styles of work. If you thought this was not enough, the performers also weaved in the thought-provoking themes and stories of the 2011 Riots and the initiation rites of men in contemporary society. This all resulted in a captivating and intense week of rehearsals.”

awake pic

“The six performers captured my imagination as I watched their first warm-up transform into a physical representation of the fairy tale of Iron John. Beautiful images of the characters and their relationships began to emerge from their simple movements. These artists push their bodies to extremes as they perfect their art form: the fusion of dance, theatre and song, with a great focus on naturally blending text and the physical movements of the body.  It was a mesmerising and unique experience to watch these professionals at work as they explored innovative and pioneering forms of movement, storytelling and theatre.  I am extremely excited to see how this production evolves into its final performance.”

awake pic 3

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