Pete Codling: Naivety

Pete Codling is an artist specializing in large charcoal drawings and sculpture. This exhibition will show a series of new drawings, sketches and limited edition prints in the ‘Christmas theme’ which will definitely be more Dickens than Disney. His work is full of narrative references to classical, mythological and religious themes with contemporary subversions, political and personal content.

The large freehand drawings rely on draughtsmanship and traditional chiaroscuro
techniques to create bold visions of the human story fed directly by the artist’s own
experience. Be prepared to see some uncomfortable beauty and visual poems that will
stay with you long after the exhibition.

Pete Codling: Naivety


Admission Free

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The North Wall Gallery is open from Monday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and from 12pm – 4pm on Saturdays. Sundays & Bank Holidays: normally closed, except for theatre events.

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